Revolutionary modular design philosophy

Get introduced to our high performance projection stepper: The FlexPack 100

Dedicated to advanced packaging

We understand that lithography for advanced packaging is different from lithography for front end wafer processing. Requirements are special and varying. Resist films are both thin and thick. There are thin, thick and warped wafers from different materials, sizes and shapes. All depending on specific use cases. We designed a tool that is flexible and can effectively deal with all these variations and specific needs.

Best-in-class cost of ownership

We are convinced that we offer a cost-effective tool with the highest throughput compared to competition; with high uptime and low maintenance downtime. The best-in-class cost of ownership is realized by our unique optical column, state-of-the-art wafer and reticle handling, and our innovative wafer edge modules.

Revolutionary platform design

We have taken modular design to a new level which yields easy configurable and upgradable tools. In this way, we address all specific needs in advanced packaging. We do not deliver a point-solution but a tool that is capable to address the needs for now and the future.

Designed for the future of advanced packaging

Characteristics of our Flexpack 100


  • Best-in-class cost of ownership
  • Easy to configure and easy upgradable
  • L/S resolution < 2 micron; roadmap to < 1 micron
  • Delivers excellent side wall steepness for thick resists
  • Excellent handling of warped wafers
  • Unparalleled throughput compared to competition (up to 90% better)
  • No intensity loss for fine resolution where i-line is needed
  • Innovative edge processing (masking and EBR) with minimal throughput loss
  • Highest Depth of Focus (20 to 100um)
  • Best Field Size (33x52 mm) for field and wafer filling efficiency
  • More than 20 mm working distance between lens and wafer (virtually no contamination)
  • Proven industry-standard user interface and robust software